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Marketing, Promotions, UX Design
Mobile App UX for SpinToWin

Mobile App UX for SpinToWin

I was tasked with improving the game functionality of SpinToWin. I compared the game to competitors, decided on new game specs, designed a new UI, and prepped the files for the developers. This resulted in a more intuitive game play that better displayed the graphics.

SpinToWin Promotions

SpinToWin Promotions

SpinToWin is a free app that makes its money off of in-app purchases. I was in charge of running all of the promotions. This included in-app graphics, emails, push notifications and social posts. After each campaign I tracked the success of the communication (click through rates, etc) and the sale itself (revenue) in order to determine which campaigns were most successful and when.

Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

In addition to working on the app itself I also worked on marketing pieces that the company could use for meetings with potential investors and partners. As a startup app, trying to secure funding, this was essential to the company’s success and ultimately led to the acquisition of the product.